Overseas Employment

Karwan-e-Islami is one of the most experienced leading exporters of skilled, efficient & most hard-working manpower from Pakistan. No doubt Pakistan is well known for its Manpower’s export and virtually covers the entire range of the personal requirements of a Complex. We are located at Lahore, which is known as heart of the Pakistan. This is also as biggest industrial and commercial city of Pakistan. Likewise the skill and devotion of the personnel residing in and around are of special quality.

Karwan-e-Islami offers you a wide range of services to assist and benefit you in the field of Manpower recruitment everywhere, you require. It is worth mentioning that our services in the field of supplying manpower depend on our wide experience resulted by staying a long period in Middle East and knowing the type of their requirements and demands. We provide technical assistance to several multinational organization abroad and with in Pakistan with 100% satisfaction. Client satisfaction is our actual achievement. We are personally in touch with several National and Multi-National Companies in the Middle East, especially in the Gulf region.

Karwan-e-Islami is a frontline agency that is fully equipped and geared to ensure complete satisfaction of the clients in Visa Processing Services. We can provide highly skilled, semi skilled labor, technical, non-technical, administrative staff governs crystal clear screening of professionally compatible and safety oriented manpower for execution of different kinds of projects. We invite officials of different companies to work closely with us and believe in us as well and we assure you that we will do even better in the days ahead too.

Karwan-e-Islami welcome any inures that you may wish to rails. Also we welcome your representative for intro of Manpower's and we have no objection to send our representative to introduce you our services.

How We Work

Recruitment Permission

After receiving original documents we submit to the Protector & Immigration Department Lahore (Pakistan) for getting permission to advertise your required candidates. Then we will select the correct persons, as per Company needed.


To attract candidates and to select the best possible manpower, jobs are advertised in widely circulated national newspaper.

Pre-Selection Interviews

The applications will be short-listed and then qualified persons are called for interview conducted by the panel of experts in the related field. Through data processing and most modern techniques of interviewing, best possible candidates are selected.

Trade Test

Vocational skill of selected candidates is then further tested under practical environments i.e. reliable trade test institutions of international repute. In this way their workshop, practical knowledge of trade, manipulations of professional tools are evaluated for final selection.

Final Selection

Final selection list is prepared by us or by the Representative of our Principals, when they make the selection.


Each selected person undergoes a strict medical examination to ascertain his physical fitness through designated medical centers.

Visa Protector

The passports along with the all related documents will be sent to the Immigration and Protector Office for the registration of the selected candidates.

Arrangement for Dispatching

Through the representative of Protector & Immigration Department, a Very important orientation program is arranged for the selected candidates to suit them in the job site, where there will be a new climate, new place, new type of project and with multinational people so that the workers will have no problem to match with the circumstances easily. The important aspects we discuss are as follows:

  • The exact job description.
  • Duty and responsibilities of the worker.
  • Salary clarification, over time payment system, food accommodation and other facilities.
  • Local law of the respective country.

Requirement For UAE

Category Salary
Benefits Visa Cost
Over Time Accommodation Medical Transport Food
Factory Helpers 900 Yes Yes Yes Yes -- 6000
Tiles & Marble Masons 1000 Yes Yes Yes Yes -- 6000
Block & Plaster Masons 1000 Yes Yes Yes Yes -- 6000
Construction Labor 700 Yes Yes Yes Yes -- 6000
Steel Fixer 1000 Yes Yes Yes Yes -- 6000
Shuttering Carpenter 1000 Yes Yes Yes Yes -- 6000
Security Guard 1200 Yes Yes Yes Yes -- 6500
Ladies For Housemaids 800 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 4500
UAE Azad Visa -- -- -- -- -- -- 14500

  • The price of Protector and Ticket is not included
  • The medical charges will be borne by the candidate
  • The agreement is for 3 years and all other benefits will be provided according to the law of UAE